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Sabine van den Bulk – paramedical therapist, natural medicine

Arnold van der heijden

May I introduce myself?

I am Arnold van der Heijden, the partner of Sabine van den Bulk. I am teacher at several elementary schools, but I am also an illustrator, designer. I am 50 years old and surrounded by a lot of friends. Generally I look at my life in a positive and optimistic way.

I can empathize with how children experience the world they live in. Thanks to my art school background, I give to the creative lessons in the elementary school a special meaning. I am committed to love for people and nature, and I consider it my contribution to the society, to transfer my knowledge to children and adults. But then, I don’t forget  to learn from them too, that will never end.

When teaching, I witnessed that several schools started the ‘Stand up for yourself ’ project. This project provides a number of lessons that make kids more open and resilient. Since July 2005, I am the illustrator of the books that are published by 'knowledge of resilience centre ".

Some designs are a direct result of ​​my relationship with Sabine. For example, the "PIP project (Project International papillon) got an own logo and I’ve designed a poster  to call attention to the Ligussa Crossroad Orphan Home, and Juliana School in Kenya.
Stand up for yourself

Pip project logo
While setting up her own practice, Sabine asked me to devise a logo. When designing a new logo, I always consider a couple of choices. As with any contract for a logo, I’ve made notes of the things she thought of being important. After this conversation with Sabine, I therefore came to next design.

The 'S' shape represents Sabine, the long line next to the continuity of the coaching. The open hand with the healing triangle stands for trust and care. The versatility of care that "Practice Sabine van den Bulk" has to offer is reflected in the rainbow colors. The colors also represent a reflection of our multicultural society.

If you have questions or want more information? Let me know, please!

Arnold van der Heijden

Practice Sabine van den Bulk Herman Bodestraat 6 7572 ZG Oldenzaal The Netherlands T:(+31) 6-40415854 E: info@sabinevandenbulk.nl