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Sabine van den Bulk – paramedical therapist, natural medicine

Method of treatment

Beside the subject matter of my education I’ve developed a general method of treatment. I offer you guidance on using the new insight, in order to reduce the unpleasant aspects of your problem.

The guidance I give is for anyone with problems where processing takes, both physically and it. In addition, I guide people with chronic symptoms and long-term disease processes. For example, processing of death or other trauma, grief, depression, heartache, anxiety, eating disorders, cancer, headaches, back pain etc.

Further on these treatments:
Movement for toddlers and children
movement for youth and adults
The project group near dead experience

Other information:

collaborating organisations and referres for complaints and symptoms

Practice Sabine van den Bulk Herman Bodestraat 6 7572 ZG Oldenzaal The Netherlands T:(+31) 6-40415854 E: info@sabinevandenbulk.nl