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Pip is the name of the girl in the logo. She’s like the grownup version of Pippi Longstockings, which continues her work for the rights of the child. The butterfly (papillon) represents the following symbols.

1st. Children and the right to a religion
The butterfly is used as one of the basic symbols of birth/life/death., similar to the holy trinity in Christianity. There should paid more attention to children with near-dead experiences. If child can’t express religious, neglect or abuse may ensue. Forgiveness is harder to understand and  to learn if a child can’t express itself religiously.

2nd. Children and the right to good health and healthy food

Healthy nutrition and good health are vulnerable values, fragile as a butterfly. Without a healthy diet and health, life is a struggle to survive. Many parts of the world are dominated by poverty, water, food and health are not taken for granted. There are still many children dying by lack of food. 

3 th.  Children and the right of being a child, a life in freedom.

The butterfly is in its cocoon until the metamorphosis takes place, and she spreads her wings in freedom. Children who are experiencing abuse, slavery or child labor in their lives remain in their cocoon. At what point will it open, will they be free?

4th. Children and the right to learn

The butterfly flaps its wings, like pages of book being turned. Moments of learning are important to children on their way adulthood, taking responsibility and getting to know the joy of this life.

5th. ……….See the rights of the child described by the United Nations

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