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The little angel PIP

In the land of angels there once lived an angel girl
Her name is PIP
And she is trying to find ultimate happiness.
In the land of angels she could not find it anywhere
Still it was a very a beautiful place to be

There are beautiful butterflies and flowers everywhere
You can hear the wings of angel children rustle

Mother angel is everywhere
A stream of light flows from her heart
It looks like a waterfall
Only very soft,
There is a feeling as if she is always
Waiting for you, full of love

And the other little angels
They love to play
They want to tumble around
Still they have one question

 “The ultimate happiness?”
What’s wrong with PIP?
Isn’t the land of angels a great place to be?
Yes, the other children really only wanted to be in the land of angels.

PIP could not find the ultimate happiness anywhere in the land of angels
Still, it was a very beautiful place. PIP got sad. She was sure there had to be more than just living in a land like this. There wasn’t any excitement anymore, nothing more to learn.

Mother angel noticed all of this as she saw everything. She thought it might be a good idea for the little angel to descend to the world of humans to discover if they would have the ultimate happiness little PIP was looking for.
But… there are angels who are just missing something inside themselves.

Mother angel called PIP to her. She knows a lot about the others worlds like the world of humans and the earth. Is there anything you would like to tell me PIP?, she asked. In fits and starts PIP told her story; that she was feeling unhappy and that she really wanted to know where or if she could find the ultimate happiness.

Mother angel, in all her wisdom, did not tell PIP anymore about the ultimate happiness. Instead she instructed her to descend to the world of humans.

She thought to herself that it would be very good for PIP to continue to grow as a person in the world of humans. And she would always be allowed to return of course.

She might learn something from the world of humans and they might learn something from her in return. That would be good thing as it might bring the ultimate happiness a little closer.

The angels, the humans and the animals were able to discover and experience this. To get a little more insight in herself PIP decided to use a magic formula because it is quite exciting to descend to the world of humans.

The magic formula was transformed into a magic spell that would make PIP able to understand everybody and get in touch with mother Angel.
The magic spell was “Sagmahoi”.
She didn’t understand the spell completely but it made her happy in her heart en she felt like dancing and acting a little silly.

The Creator had whispered in PIP’s ear that this magic spell was a derivative of “say hi”. It makes you more joyous and for children it means something very nice. For the humans it is a greeting.

Before PIP went to the world of humans there were a few things she had to learn. Mother angel taught her what humans looked like and what kind of animals she could meet. PIP had never seen an animal or human before. If you wanted to get in touch with them you had to know what they looked like but also know how they behave and communicate amongst eachother.
And you know what? PIP just couldn’t get enough. What a fascinating persons, beings or whatever they were called.
It was completely different from the angels and the life of the angels.

What was nature like?
There is water, in rivers, lakes, seas, from the tap and even in bottles. Water is very important in the world of humans.
If you taste well you’ll notice that it even has different flavours.
They also have a different kind of water in bottles and glasses. They call it liquor and it has different colours and flavours.

There’s even a kind of drink that makes people act funny. They become different from what they normally are. It makes people feel good in a certain way but different from the way they feel when they say “’Sagmahoi” . Apparently it is very attracting, even though this drink can make you feel so funny that you have to throw up.
The humans don’t seem to mind though because they feel nice for a little while and it makes them wanting more of it. Feeling “nice”. The little angel PIP got curious… was it a magic potion maybe?

Mother angel continued explaining nature

There are all kinds of trees, grasses and roads made of stone or sand. Often there’s water on there as well. That water just comes from the air. There are hard or soft drops and some are a kind of white or see through speckles.
The white speckles or flakes could make nature look completely different and it would be cold instead of warm. This difference in warm or cold is something angels would experience in the world of humans.
PIP called out “’Sagmahoi”, this must be something very special.

Mother angel spent extra time to tell about to the flowers that are growing on earth because flowers are a way for angels to remember the land of angels. The changing of the colours in nature would remind her of the land of angels as well. These colour changes also have to do with cold and heat. The trees, the leaves, the grass, the flowers and animals change along with the cold and heat.

All this information did not frighten PIP at all. This wouldn’t change her but might make her experience “Sagmahoi” a lot.

Mother angel had strayed a little as she wanted to talk about the importance of flowers. She also felt a lot of “Sagmahoi” inside, it made her talk a lot. She also felt the responsibility.
The world of humans is very different from the world of angels but she was sure that PIP would be able to get along fine with the flowers and human children once she got settled.

Mother angel continued. The flowers in the world of humans have many different colours, like the flowers in the land of angels. She had to make sure she didn’t confuse the humans, especially the little ones they call children, with flowers. This could happen because the little humans usually wear colourful clothing. Once she got settled she shouldn’t tease the little humans too much either.

It was o.k. for PIP to tease the grown up humans a little every once and a while. As long as she didn’t hurt them.

For a moment mother angel got very strict. She said: make sure you don’t get teased yourself. Teasing in general is not so bad, but if humans are not so good in “sagmahoi” you can have a hard time. It can be so hard that it makes you all confused and it can make you forget the land of angels.

Sweet little PIP was very impressed. How is it with animals she asked? That’s something you have to find out by yourself mother angel said. Find out how sharp their teeth are and how big the wings are which they need to protect themselves, to run and fly away. This happens because humans aren’t always in their “sagmahoi” and therefore do things that aren’t nice. Not nice towards each other and not nice towards nature. This makes animals confused as well; they then don’t know what to do anymore.

Mother Angel told that most animals are very nice and like to help others. Watch the eyes of the animals and their fur and tell the magic spell to them so they know who you are, and if they don’t know you can tell them.

What more did PIP need to know?
Yes, the vehicles on the world of humans.

Mother Angel shook her head; she told PIP that vehicles are things that people use to transport themselves from a to b. She did not completely understand why they used them. She herself used her beautiful wings for transportation.

This could be a very intense experience for PIP as these vehicles have many different colours, make very different noises en look very different from eachother as well.
There was a possibility that PIP could be crushed by one of these vehicles. That would be a very bad thing. Mother Angel also told her that humans do create happy things by themselves as well but angels do not need them.

There are many different sounds in the world of humans but they are fascinating and often very beautiful. The humans call it music.
You have to pay attention to the sounds in connection to the ultimate happiness that you are looking for.
The people then do what angels do very often when they feel well.
It must have something to do with “sagmahoi” and the hearts of everybody. That’s what the angels notice, PIP says. Mother Angel smiled; she felt her own heart too.

If PIP could do something with this, it would encourage the ultimate happiness for all the worlds that exist and it would connect all hearts with eachother.

Because animals and humans all have a heart and they are all beating. Moreover the heart of the earth is having a difficult time as well. Humans have forgotten that they belong to the earth whereby the trees, the flowers, the grass and everything that the earth loves to give to the humans and animals, are having a hard time.

PIP looked at Mother Angel; is this the place I should go to find the ultimate happiness?
We have hearts too and they are beating strongly Mother Angel said decisively. There has to be beating somewhere. The butterflies of the earth that enter the world of angels pass it on to me every time.

Butterfly can you tell me what you want?
Butterfly your plans with PIP as they are totally hip.

Butterflies from everywhere
Yes, the butterflies are coming soon
From the sea passing by the moon

The powers of the rainbow
The light makes them fly high, not low

But even flying low
Told by Mother Angel is not a negative show

The butterflies went back to Mother Angel to receive new assignments again. The new assignments are about the joy in the world. Mother Angel thinks there should be more of that. PIP agrees.

Somewhere in the world. The whole world got to know about this and the whole world became one with PIP, with all the Love and beings that live on it.

Did you think about “sagmahoi” today or did you see a butterfly fly by? You might just have met PIP within your heart!

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