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Lecture on the NDE with Bob Coppes

This video features a lecture on the Baby Look, a refreshing and innovative way of looking at experiencing an NDE. Sabine van den Bulk together with Bob Coppes (Author and NDE expert) took up the challenge to give a lecture in De Doelen in Rotterdam on the subject that answers so many questions about life and death.

Video: Conference Near Death Experience as quality of Life

As happy as a strawberry

To raise awareness of Near Death Experiences in Children: As Happy as a Strawberry. Sabine is using the proceeds from this new publication, which incidentally is identical in content to the original version, to draw special attention to near death experiences in children. There is still very little information available in that area.

About Sabine van den Bulk

Sabine van den Bulk is a therapist and healthcare counselor. She is married and lives in Oldenzaal (the Netherlands). After a few wanderings at different institutions and work experience in Kenya (Africa) she had in 2002, two deep near death experiences (bde) due to cardiac arrests, shortly after each other.


Watch and experience a baby … watch and experience someone who is very sick, almost dying, or almost died … the vulnerability of human beings is expressed in a near-death experience (NDE), such as that of a newborn baby.


Sabine van den Bulk has been in the media a number of times over the years: radio television and magazines.

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