About Sabine

Who is Sabine?

Sabine van den Bulk is a therapist and coach in the mental health care. She is married and lives in Oldenzaal (The Netherlands). After years of moving around different heath care services and obtaining work experience in Kenia ( in 2002) she had two NDE’s shortly after each other due to heart attacks. Because of the way she was treated by the health care she decided to open her own practice to help people with such an experience.

She finds it very important to teach her clients that their experience is not a clinical illness but an experience that has a great impact on the quality of their lives. She found a suitable way of approaching this through Mindfullness based cognitive therapy.

She has been strengthened in this opinion through her contacts with the International Association for Near Death Studies (IANDS) and the Near Death research Foundation (NDERF)

All this has led her to writing the book ‘ As happy as a strawberry’, a guide for people who have had a NDE and she has developed the protocol ‘Handbook babylook’ for counselors and therapists to help clients with these experiences.

She is currently working in her own practice and also in various health care services. In the time she has left over she does what she loves most and that is to dance.