Esther had a deep NDE when she was five years old. She experienced being in the Light and having a  deeper awareness of life (expanded consciousness).

This was after having an accident in which her head damaged by a moped. Her injuries were so bad that she needed to have facial surgery.

In reference to the ‘baby-look’ I have chosen to look at two aftereffects of this NDE.

  1. Not understanding their own emotions as this is an experience like no other. An NDE goes beyond everyday ‘normal’ emotions. The most extreme emotions are felt just before and after an NDE. A negative NDE can leave a person extremely emotional and a positive NDE can give a person a complete sense of peace.
    Experiencing emotions can become scary as they can be intense. Emotions can also irritate and bodily sensations can be confusing as they trigger new emotions. This can result in others seeing this as a behavioural disorder.
  2. Being spiritually very actively or denying this, but usually having a great interest in spirituality.

Esther survived her operation and during her childhood and adolescent she developed a different way of experiencing emotions and social contacts. She experienced life more intensely than other people around her as she was highly sensitive. Esther is now grown-up and this is still a great part of who she is. Her experience of the light and her own high sensitivity are expressed in her art works made of glass and also in paintings, photography and poems.

Esther has been on a pilgrimage that gave her great insight into life and death.