Tieneke had an experience when she was 18 that was akin to a real NDE when a complete stranger died in front her.

This happened in the middle of the day while she was completely conscious. This consisted of her experiencing the man’s transition to another world and she was overwhelmed by the intense feeling of peace, light and happiness. 

In reference to the ‘baby-look’ I have chosen to look at two of the after effects of this NDE.

1) People who have had this kind of experience are sensitive to light and electricity. They often have an effect on electrical devices such as computers, printers, lamps and TV ‘s that will turn off, or on or act in an erratic way. They also feel uncomfortable with all kinds of bright light.

2) They also have a strong sense of the truth and can easily be misunderstood by others. This can result in them feeling rejected by others and sometimes feeling lonely. This can even make them ill.

The after-effects of her ‘NDE’ have left her highly sensitive and intuitive. She usually experiences that electrical devices are affected when she is emotional. Other unexplainable experiences such as premonitions, strange dreams or amazing so-called coincidences are part of who she is and difficult to explain to others, leaving her feeling ‘different’ from other people. 

Due to her ‘NDE’ Tieneke has a lot of insight to offer about this phenomenon. She works as teacher of Visual Art & Art history and makes her Art work that expresses her fascination in ‘Light and Shadow’ in all forms of energy, communication and nature.