Uf had a Near death experience at birth. She was told that she was born blue and was considered dead until she suddenly started to breath and came to life. This was confirmed by the doctor who was present.

Because of this lots of things have happened in her life that couldn’t understand. She found it difficult to retain friendships and felt misunderstood. Uf is otherwise a normal functioning grown-up who works in the social services.

In reference to the ‘baby-look’ I have chosen to look at two of the aftereffects of this near death experience.

  1. Problems with communication: People who have had a NDE seem to perceive the world differently. Because they are highly sensitive they experience new insight in to life as their visual and psycho motoric stimuli are more intense than others.
  2. Problems with sleeping: dreams, including predictive. During their dreams they can obtain insight from other dimensions.

She has had an enlightening experience with The Light. This gave her insight into life that is difficult to explain to the people around her. Her NDE as a baby has resulted in her seeing life and death as a totality.

 Uf has adapted a Buddist way of life and is a yoga teacher. While meditating she often receives great insight, which are still enlightening.

Illustrations and photography: Arnold van der Heijden