Willy has had a deep NDE that lasted two weeks. For him this enlightened experience was fantastic. This was due to an accident he had when he was very young (1966) after he had a heavy moped accident.

After he became unwell by flu and fell from the moped with serious head injuries. His injuries were so severe that he needed brain surgery which left him in a coma for two weeks afterwards. The doctors expected him to die.

In reference to the ‘Baby-look’ I have chosen to look at two of the after-effects of this NDE.

  1. The need to have periods of being alone, looking for peace and quiet, usually in nature and not always clearly communicating this to others.
  2. The need to philosophize with others about the meaning of life, about that ‘what doesn’t die’, and about a kind of home sickness for the afterlife. He has developed a whole philosophy to explain his experience in order to be considered mad or misunderstood.

In spite of his injuries Willly came back to life and had to rehabilitate intensively. Afterwards this , his path of life took him to seeking nature and expressing himself about this experience with God.

He daily writes poems about God, the Light, unconditional love and Christ.

Illustrations and photography: Arnold van der Heijden