Client testimonial

I would like to quote a piece out of the book by Sabine van den Bulk about the “Baby-look”, a method that she has developed to help people with a NDE.

The crises that arises due to the treatment a person with a NDE often receives from their surroundings.

One can have a NDE due to an operation, drowning,

Ill treatment, sexual abuse, or an accident. This is sometimes caused by the actions other people, for example, a doctor operating on you, a driver of a car who hits you, a friend who pushed over your boat by accident or by someone deliberately abusing you.

This is what Sabine has to say about this:

‘I have become aware that the person who causes a NDE often has no idea of the consequence for the other person undergoing the NDE. Not the friend, not the doctor or the parents. It is different during a complicated birth. A mother is the one person who is often aware of this. If a baby has a NDE during it’s birth or afterwards, if for example it needs to be operated on, the mother will suffer along with the child. This is because the special bond she has with her child is from heart to heart.’

This text touched me as it made me aware of the way my mother acted when I was a baby and had a fall from the table. She took me in her arms, and gave me all the time I needed to come back safely to her. Because of her love I could return to earth in peace with my NDE. This bond of hart to hart contact was essential for me as I could feel her intense joy of me returning back alive in her arms.