Sabine & Jo: The nature project

Jo has had a four-day NDE. She was in the light, with very soft music and beautiful colors. It was all peace, harmony and unconditional love. During this mind-expanding experience, she saw a couple of angels , who said that Jo had not yet finished her task yet. Jo didn’t understand the experience and was unable to talk about it for a long time.

Her accident with the bicycle in 1981 caused her NDE. She rode pretty fast and overlooked the recently placed high speed bump. She had a serious head injury, got into a coma and was hosptalized for four days. After waking up, Jo wasn’t able to be outside because of her NDE. After consultation, the treated doctors decided to let her stay for more than two weeks for observation. Back in life, Jo has rehabilitated for a long time and visited nature a lot. 
Jo, together with Sabine, portrayed the experience about God and the fact that a near-dead experience is also a part of life, through a dance with nature.

Here too, it appears: The experience is like a ‘new birth’, the Baby Look. Just as nature gives life and insights over and over again.